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So much opportunity

Queensland is a land of pioneers and forward thinkers: free education (1870), the world’s first Labour government (1899), votes for women (1907), and the Royal Flying Doctor Service (1928) all started here.

It’s a green and natural state too, home to 200 national parks, the Great Barrier Reef and five of Australia’s eleven World Natural Heritage areas.

Put those two qualities together and you have a state that’s perfect for forward-thinking growers to put down roots. You can meet some of them here, and find out more about what they grow, how they grow it, and where you can get it.

Queensland Grown is an online meeting-place where growers, wholesalers and florists can come together and connect. Florists can find local product, support local businesses, and offer fresh, seasonal flowers and foliages to their customers. And growers can showcase their beautiful cut flowers and foliages to those who seek to buy them.

So much choice

Queensland is huge. To drive from Brisbane, the capital, to Cape York at the tip, is further than from the Mexican border of the USA to the Canadian border. It’s further than Naples to Amsterdam.

Because of this, there is a huge variation in climate across the state, from tropical to Mediterranean, from winter frosts to summer droughts. Add that to the generally reliable rainfall along the coastal region, and there is a huge range of flowers and foliages that can be grown here.

This is why Queensland Grown is valuable, to profile the state’s range of products, help you discover its different growing regions, provide information about flower seasons and availability, and link buyers with local suppliers.

We’re proud of our state, the beautiful flowers it grows, and the people who grow them.

Start your search now for a Queensland flower product or grower.

If you want to join the industry and grow flowers in Queensland, you’ll get helpful advice from the Flower Association of Queensland Inc. and practical information in the Flower Knowledge Centre.


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Featured Grower

Village Roses 1

Village Roses

Village Roses is a bit of a misnomer. For a start, it’s not really a village, but quite a bustling town, that their glasshouses and shade tunnels rub elbows with. For another thing, those tunnels don’t just contain roses, but emile, solidaster, herbs, kangaroo paw, and any number of seasonal flowers and fillers that the owners try out each season. And they need a regular supply of home-grown product for all the bunches of flowers making their way out of the packing shed door each week. The owners Stuart and Vikki have recently branched into floristry; in the absence of a florist in the village, they’ve readily filled the gap with bouquets and arrangements to order. The owners are cluey to local needs, making baby bunches for impulse shoppers on a budget, while keeping a weather eye out for changing fashion trends in fillers and flowers.

Featured Crop

Kooralbyn - rose


Red roses are the traditional flower for Valentine’s Day, which occurs on the 14th of this month. Everywhere around the world it is the symbol of love and romance.

There are over two dozen rose farms across the state of Queensland. Some growers like specialise in just one variety, for instance Kooralbyn Roses’ and Lockyer Cut Flowers’ long stemmed red roses. Some growers specialise in one type of rose; Tamor Roses’ spray roses in all colours are an example. Some growers grow fragrant old-fashioned rose varieties, such as Deane’s Roses who grow especially for weddings. Many growers produce roses alongside a range of other flowers, like our Queensland’s Favourite Grower winners Village Roses, to offer a complete mixed bouquet to their customers.

So whether you want traditional long stem deep red roses, fun bright colourful roses, vintage-style scented roses… or any kind of rose at all – you’ll find it grown locally in Queensland. Why not search our database for a rose grower near you?

Design of the Month

Rose arrangement by Northside Flower market

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be red

To show that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be red, we’re sharing this gorgeous heart design of ivory, cream and pure white roses and big disbud chrysanthemums from Northside Flower Market. The flowers have been cut short, nestled together, and placed into a heart-shaped vase wrapped in rustic hessian. The whole design is displayed within a vintage gilt frame to really show it off.

Many of us think of Valentine’s Day flowers as being long-stemmed, and bouquet-shaped, and red. And most of us adore sending and receiving long-stemmed red roses at this time of year. This design shows that you can swing away from tradition and still show that you love and care about someone, with fresh flowers.

Red is the traditional colour of passionate dramatic love. Pink is a more romantic, gentle love. White is the colour of purity and innocence. But if your sweetheart or crush prefers yellow, orange, blue or green – go for it!

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